Support for partners and families 

If your partner or family members smoke, you should encourage them to quit as well.

You'll find it easier to give up yourself if your partner and other family members do it at the same time.

Women who live with a smoker are 6 times more likely to smoke throughout pregnancy and those who live with a smoker and manage to quit are more likely to relapse once the baby is born.

An estimated 20% of women are also exposed to second-hand smoke in the home throughout their pregnancy, leading to an increased risk of many of the same adverse birth outcomes experienced by women who smoke.

The Smoking in Pregnancy Challenge Group has published a briefing paper ‘Evidence into Practice’ Supporting partners to quit smoking’.

The briefing sets out:

  • Impact of smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke during pregnancy
  • Addressing partners' smoking: National guidance
  • What interventions to support partners and other household members to quit look like
  • Current evidence base for supporting partners to quit: before, during and after pregnancy
  • Creating smokefree homes.

Stop smoking services are available to all and can be accessed on our service finder page here.

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A range of area specific support services to help you stop smoking are available in East Riding, Hull, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, North Yorkshire and City of York. We have also included information and a link to the HNY Swap and Stop initiative. 

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If you are looking for help and support to quit smoking during pregnancy anywhere in the Humber and North Yorkshire area then Bump The Habit is here to help and support you.

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Real Life Stories’


Vicky’s Story

Vicky, 39, from Hull, used to smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day but has now been smoke-free for four weeks (as of July 2020).

Vicky was at college when she first started smoking. It wasn’t something she thought much about initially, but all of her friends smoked and she soon got caught up with the crowd. Once hooked, it became a habit for her, and she was soon smoking up to 10 cigarettes a day, which increased as she got older.

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